Trackday Tatra Kopřivnice 2019

Date of event 13/04/2019
Do you like driving in a sport way and want to be sure of driving on public roads? As in the previous year, this year we will go to the Tatra Kopřivnice car factory for the local polygon and your are invited!

Traditionally, the event in intimate spirit in the circle of similarly tuned people, no mass matter. Limited capacity ensures maximum enjoyment, in a huge area we prepare a six-kilometer-long track that will include different types of roads – hairpins, serpentines, horizons, petticoats, just all the types of corners you may encounter during a regular ride in the „outskirts“ outside the city and highway.

The event is so suitable for sports drivers who want to tune their driving style, as well as for traffic participants who have no sporting ambitions but want to be safe behind the wheel.
In addition to an interesting and technical 6-kilometer track, the resort offers additional areas such as drifting, or there is enough space for beginners who need enough to automate driving.

Watch the video to see how the polygon looks like. Fun? Sure, but safe!

The price for the event is CZK 9.990 or 400 EUR and includes the entrance to the premises for all types of prepared stations, without any time limit – the possibility to ride on any prepared track will be possible for all riders without any restrictions, there is also all-day refreshments, free participation for the co-driver.

It will be all Saturday from morning (approx. 8,30) until evening (as long as the conditions within the light are safe, 15.00 approx). We recommend to arrive on Friday, there is no problem to park the cars overnight in the guarded area, we recommend accommodation in the Tatra hotel.

Of course, if you have any questions – for example about a suitable car or the possibility of renting a sports car at the event, or about where to stay, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us at email