AmaterCup Race 2019

Car races for enthusiasts and non-professional people interested in sports driving

1st race AmaterCup
April 27 – Sosnová

2nd race AmaterCup
May 11 – Pisek

3rd race AmaterCup
June 15 – Sosnová

4th race AmaterCup
July 20 – Vysoké Mýto

5th Race AmaterCup
August 17 – Sosnová

6th Race AmaterCup
September 14 – Pisek

7th Race AmaterCup – Final
October 5 – Vysoké Mýto

Event description
AmaterCup is an interest and voluntary company for sports car fans, anyone who is over 18 years old and has a valid driving license can apply.

It is possible to ride with both pure serial cars and modified specials – no adjustments are made. It is allowed to ride on both serial and semi-sunny tires. The adjustments are not hindered – who wants to be faster, whether tuning and tuning. Cars are grouped by engine volume, power and weight.

Competition cars are divided into individual classes according to engine volume, power and weight. For volume, the turbocharged engines are converted by a factor of about 1.5 according to the supercharging type. A promoter can rearrange cars to create better objectivity or grant time handicaps. The organizer can include any vehicle in any category to ensure maximum consistency and objectivity, no protest or appeal.

Splitting cars into classes
Class A – basic class – usually from a volume of 0 liter to a volume of about 1.5 liters, eg Skoda 1000, Skoda 105, etc.)
Class B – lower middle class – usually from a volume of 1.5 liters to about 1.9 liters (usually a compact Honda Civic, Citroen Saxo, etc.)
Class C – middle class – usually from 1.9 liters to about 2.8 liters (eg Honda Integra, Clio RS, BMW 325, BMW 328, …)
Class D – upper middle class – usually from a volume of 2.8 liters to a volume of about 3.5 liters (typically „hot“ 2WD hatchbacks such as Golf GTI, Focus ST, Subaru Impreza GT, …)
Class E – the highest class – usually from a volume of 2.8 liters to a volume of about 6.0 liters (typically 4×4 cars like Subaru STI, Lancer Evo, Audi RS, BMW M135ix, BMW M3 3.2l and above, Ford Mustang, Porsche )
Class F – lightweight category – light weight cars, usually less than 1000 kg (eg Kaipan, Caterham, Formula, KTM XBow, Ariel, etc.)

Race concept
The races take place on Saturday, at one of the selected racing circuits (Sosnová, Písek, Vysoké Mýto) according to the calendar. Each race starts with registration and debate, followed by free rides and training, roughly until lunchtime. There are timed rides after lunch. It runs with a sprint style, not a mass start. Every race runs three rounds of measured rides.

Starts in individual groups according to starting numbers, they are allocated according to the order of registration. The best three places from each group are announced in each race. Establishing the winners is based on the best times, by adding up all the times for the race and the best, so the shortest total time wins.

The rider is obliged to follow the information from the organizer and follow these instructions. It is true that what is not allowed is strictly prohibited. There is a strict ban on entering the track area. Riders, co-drivers and spectators are allowed to move only in the depot, boxes on the stands and parking lots. Firefighters and rescue services are not present at the event, the necessity of these components is solved by calling ordinary public lines and telephone numbers 150 and 155.

Refueling is always the responsibility of the rider. The rider agrees that he may be photographed and filmed during the race or championship, also agrees that the promoter may subsequently use the material at his discretion. It is forbidden to exhibit, sell, offer or present brands and products of companies and companies in the place of the race without the consent of the race promoter. It is strictly forbidden to engage in any gainful activity at AmaterCup’s events (whether it is a sale of goods or services – photography for a fee, shooting a video, operating a taxi ride – a ride for hire in the car at the passenger’s seat, renting or renting cars for consideration, etc …).

The price for one race is 2.990 CZK or 120 Eur, payment in cash upon registration. The price includes entry fee for riders (eventually co-driver), all-day refreshments for riders and passengers. You can register on the organizer’s website by clicking on the Login button. All questions will be answered at

Safety first!